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Gap Insurance Refund

It is natural for those, who are earning stable incomes to spend freely without any worry. The trend of today is that people are able to enjoy the goods and services immediately without making any immediate payment.

However, when such particular product or service faces damage, you will be deeply in debt to the sellers. Moreover, your asset insurance company might not help matters out. So, what do you do? You opt for a GAP insurance policy. It is dead simple.

A GAP insurance policy implies the additional financial security for the individual.

It is most required and applicable when your car or vehicle or any other possession suffers some damage. Usually, the value of any consumer good depreciates with the passing of time.

So, if this particular possession suffers from some damage, the insurance company would not pay you its original amount, but rather they will pay you much less. This expense can be covered by GAP insurance.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. You buy an expensive car of your choice. The sellers are quite impressed with your credit records. So, they agree to accept instalments instead of down payments. Now, next day, your car is accidentally damaged. Your insurance company would not provide you the entire amount. Also, the sellers would insist on a full payment. You can clear the air with the help of GAP insurance.

GAP Insurance for used cars

GAP insurance is important not only for genuine purchases of cars and vehicles. In many cases, the owners of used or second-hand cars have also needed some extra financial security. The problem of used cars is that their values depreciate faster. Their parts are used. So, the insurance company would pay you quite less for such vehicles. Moreover, the actual owners would demand you to pay the exact cost of the bought vehicle.

GAP insurance is however not a free privilege. It comes in with costs and expenses for the services. Once the debts are actually cleared, you can seek to get the refund of your expenses. However, there are some other factors. Often, the cost of the vehicle may be quite ordinary. More information

Despite this, the expenses for the GAP insurance will be quite astronomical. Such options of additional insurance should be tacitly avoided by people before they actually enjoy the services. So, you should also conduct some research on the available options for GAP insurance.

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Gap Insurance Refund After Refinance

People buy cars basically as their primary means of transport. A car can be used to commute from home to work, school, college, grocery shopping, the mall as well as plenty of other places. A majority of people buy their car through some form of credit, such as an auto loan or car finance. Only a few pay cash for their auto purchase.

Gap insurance is insurance taken on a car purchased on credit, and the new owner still owes money on the car. When a car is purchased, anything could go wrong. That is a possibility.

For example, the car could get into an accident and be written off, it could get damaged and become unusable or it could even get stolen and never be found.

When such unfortunate incidents occur, the buyer of the car will still be responsible for making the monthly repayments, even though he may never see the car again. This may sound very unfair, but it is the case.

Supposing the car was insured against theft, or may be the car had comprehensive cover. If it gets stolen or totaled, the insurance company will calculate the value of the car based on its current market value. Now, motor vehicles lose value very rapidly.

Just buying a new car and driving it out of the dealership or yard may lose the car up to 25 per cent of its value. This difference will still be footed by the car buyer, even if they had comprehensive insurance.

This is why gap insurance is very important. It covers the buyer of the car whenever one of the unfortunate events occurs. Now, supposing the car buyer decides they want to sell their car, even before they finish paying it off. This can be done, by letting a dealer sell the car and deal with the paperwork. Once the car has been sold, the dealer will inform the car owner.

Gap Insurance Refinance

Whenever a person refinances their car loan, it is important that they read the terms of their contract. If the buyer had a gap insurance policy, it may become void upon refinance. However, this is not always the case. It is important to ensure that adequate information is available, rather than make assumptions.

Contact the dealer, and the insurance provider. In most cases though, this fact would be clearly spelled out. It is imperative that a car buyer who undertakes refinancing talk to their dealer and their insurance provider to clarify the position of their gap insurance.

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Refund of Gap Insurance Calculated

If you have purchased a new or used car, you may have been soldGAP insurance. GAP insurance is usually purchased from a car dealership or auto insurance company. Purchasing GAP insurancefrom a dealership is the more expensive way to go.

If your auto insurance agent does not offer GAP insurance ask about loan payoff coverage. When purchasing a car from a dealership, your GAP insurance amount is usually calculated in with the loan amount.

If you purchase through an insurance agent, the GAP can usually be added to your current policy.

This will raise your insurance bill up $20-$30 per year. Before buying GAP insurance it is important to know what it covers.

If you are purchasing a brand new car, GAP insurance is the more beneficial add-on. GAP insurance covers the difference between the value of the car and what you owe on it. GAP insurance can be most beneficial if a car is totaled or stolen.

Let’s say your car is totaled and the insurance company will only pay $12,000, but you owe $18,000, GAP insurance would cover the $6,000 difference. If you owe more than the car is worth, GAP insurance is the way to go.

There may come a time that you would like a refund from GAP insurance. Your first step is to verify that you have purchased GAP insurance. If you sell or trade in your vehicle you are entitled to a refund. Tocalculate your refund, start by finding the insurance premium on your contract.

Next determine the length of the loan. Subtract the number of months remaining on the loan from the total length of loan.

For example, if you had a 30 month loan and you paid the vehicle off in 20 months, 10 is the number. Divide the premium by the lease term amount. This will tell you how much the insurance cost each month.

Multiply the premium amount by the amount of time left on the loan. This will tell you the refund owed. Before applying for a refund, check your policy. Some GAP insurance policies do not allow for a refund.

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How much Gap Insurance do I need?

Most of us have heard the term “Gap Insurance” for a new car buy, but do we all really understand what it is and how important it is to have it?

The simple explanation is that gap insurance closes the “gap” between what your insurance company believes the worth of your vehicle is and how much you owe the finance company.

With this knowledge it will be a simple matter to find out exactly how much gap insurance you will need.

The minute you drive a new car off the dealer’s lot it depreciates by 25%. If you purchase a vehicle for $32,000, as you leave the lot it devalues to a worth of approximately $24,000.

This means that if you were to turn around and immediately resell the new vehicle you may get around $19,000, if you’re lucky. After a year the car would be worth $20,000, and by the end of five years you would find it worth around $10,000.

Of course gap insurance isn’t needed if you’re one of those who pays cash, which is an exception. If you were to take out a finance loan of 0% down and 6% APR for 60 months then after one year you would end up paying approximately $3000 more than the car’s worth.

By the fifth year the gap would close, and you would have a car worth $22,000 less than when you purchased it. And this is if you have good credit in order to get financing at a 6% premium interest rate with 0% down.

Gap insurance fills in the “gap” between what you owe on your car and the devalued market price in case of an accident or other unforseen occurance. However, there are some cases where gap insurance will do you no good.

  • For example, if you place a substantial downpayment, say 25%, on the new car and then take out a loan much less than the value, you have already taken care of most of the depreciation for the payment duration.
  • Another example is making a smaller downpayment of around 10% and a shorter loan term of 24 months, then you will have reduced the gap to 0% within a year.

When looking into gap insurance it’s important to learn whether your existing insurance plan might already have a gap clause to protect you. This will save you the extra cost of gap protection.

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Gap Insurance Providers for Used Cars

If you want to buy your next used car. And you have the kind of deal you want,and the exchange value appears nice, and you can’t wait to get your used car?

Lot of drivers decide to purchase their automobiles from main franchised traders each time.

This is because they have got a broad alternative of vehicles, frequently sold-out as part of the producers used car scheme, warranties, mechanical check and peace of mind are also provided for the consumer.

If you are buying a used car then you have to visit a franchised trader because some of the Internet marketers are merely agents so they are acting as middle men between you the consumer and the franchised trader.

Because of the current economical meltdown, the ever arising easy way at which one can get data over the World Wide Web, a lot of traders can no longer survive by selling cars only.

Some car trader groups have got committed finance sections specifically organized to trade finance and insurance policy, merchandises such as gap insurance, extended warranties, trey insurance with other insurance related merchandises. Main traders and car supermarket today now budget to rake in as much money as possible from finance and insurance as they do from the sale of cars. Some car traders will want to make over $1500 profit per new or used car sold, and huge percentage of that profit will come from finance and insurance products.

The increase in this kind of insurance merchandises has ensued in traders directing their sales teams to trade gap cover on every automobile they sell. All the same, insurance policy prices can vary dramatically when bought from a car trader or supermarket.

You will want to ask how much should you pay for a gap insurance policy?

A survey of main traders, car supermarkets, and some freelance traders was accomplished and observed a startling array of gap insurance prices.

The monetary value of a gap insurance policy at main franchised traders is about $4000 for a policy which will address vehicle replacing up to the value of $15000

Car franchises like BMW, Audi, Porsche and Mercedes seem to be exploiting the fame of this kind of insurance with prices as high as $1000 per vehicle replacement policy. some prestige franchised traders calculate gap insurance prices on percentage of the vehicle selling price leading to a high policy costs.

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