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Gap Insurance Refund when Car is paid off

If you have ever purchased a vehicle you have likely been offered something called gap insurance. This type of insurance does exactly what it sounds like it would.

Simply put, it is insurance that fills in the gap between what you owe on your vehicle and what it is worth if your vehicle is deemed to be totaled in an accident or stolen. Not all companies offer the same gap insurance policies so it is very important that you know exactly what type of gap insurance you are buying.

No one is required to purchase gap insurance, although it is beneficial to have if you won’t be able to afford to pay the difference between what the vehicle is worth and what you still owe out of pocket. The bank will still want their money whether you have your vehicle or not, so purchasing gap insurance is a good idea.

Gap Insurance Policy

With any luck you will never need to use your gap insurance policy. This is great news because it means that you still have your vehicle. Although you agree to purchase gap insurance at the time of obtaining the vehicle loan all is not lost if you decide to trade the vehicle in before the loan is paid off.

Depending on the balance of your loan, trading off or selling the vehicle will entitle you to a gap insurance refund payment. The same holds true if you should pay off your vehicle loan earlier than expected. The gap insurance refund payment is determined by how early you pay off the loan.

  • Chances are that you will have to seek out your gap insurance refund yourself, although some lenders will let you know you have this refund coming to you. You will need to gather a few items to obtain your gap insurance refund.
  • These items are an odometer disclosure statement that is obtained the day you trade in your vehicle, the statement showing that the new lender has paid off your old lender, and a copy of the paperwork proving you purchased the gap insurance.

Once these items are in hand you need to go back the dealership where you purchased the gap insurance policy to let them know you want to cancel the gap insurance. They will take care of the paperwork with the gap insurance company who will then mail you the check for your gap insurance refund.

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Gap Insurance Refund Toyota

When anyone plans to buy a vehicle then he/she shows lessconcern about the insurance associated with the vehicle.

It is the excitement of the buyer for the new car and very rarely the buyers’ focuses on the insurance part of it. The Auto insurance is the insurance which give a security to one’s vehicle.

The Guaranteed Assets Protection (GAP) insurance is an insurancecoveragethat offered as a supplement to auto insurancepolicies. GAP provides the financial protection to one’s vehicle from certain types of loss that are not covered by many standard auto insurances.

In the GAP insurance refund Toyota has provided its customer with a difference and has made its customer feel the importance of having the gap insurance. Again, along with the GAP insurance refund Toyotaoffers variety of covers depending on the user’s selection.

As, the cover settles all the outstanding loan balances after the claim of GAP insurance refund Toyota vehicles get paid.In the GAP insurance refund Toyota has strengthen over the other auto insurances by its alluring services.

Having a GAP insurance policy is a smart move which ensures the interests are safeguarded, in the event of damaged vehicle. Relating to this, there is the facility of the GAP insurance refund Toyota offers when any customer wants to sell the vehicle.

But it is not a regular kind of thing as most of the people does not realize the importance by the GAP insurance refund Toyota offers and hence not many people are making benefits from it. In many cases when a customer sells the vehicle to other and it occurred before paying it off then the customer is getting the refund benefit of the same partially.

  • Gaining more information about the GAP insurance refund Toyota services would certainly enhance the understanding of the insurance plan service. It will allowthe customers to select and also to define the best one particular around several requirements.

But even having a lot of efforts relating to this many people are still remain unaware about the importance of the GAP insurance refund Toyota has offered and are offering. It is important for the new customers to ensure thathe/she pays the vehicle payments for at least first two months as this is the only way one is allowed to request for the GAP insurance refund Toyota and other offers.

So from now onwards, one should visit the dealer from where he/she has bought the vehicle to have the GAP insurance and also take all the necessary details regarding all the fronts.

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How much Gap Insurance do I need?

Most of us have heard the term “Gap Insurance” for a new car buy, but do we all really understand what it is and how important it is to have it?

The simple explanation is that gap insurance closes the “gap” between what your insurance company believes the worth of your vehicle is and how much you owe the finance company.

With this knowledge it will be a simple matter to find out exactly how much gap insurance you will need.

The minute you drive a new car off the dealer’s lot it depreciates by 25%. If you purchase a vehicle for $32,000, as you leave the lot it devalues to a worth of approximately $24,000.

This means that if you were to turn around and immediately resell the new vehicle you may get around $19,000, if you’re lucky. After a year the car would be worth $20,000, and by the end of five years you would find it worth around $10,000.

Of course gap insurance isn’t needed if you’re one of those who pays cash, which is an exception. If you were to take out a finance loan of 0% down and 6% APR for 60 months then after one year you would end up paying approximately $3000 more than the car’s worth.

By the fifth year the gap would close, and you would have a car worth $22,000 less than when you purchased it. And this is if you have good credit in order to get financing at a 6% premium interest rate with 0% down.

Gap insurance fills in the “gap” between what you owe on your car and the devalued market price in case of an accident or other unforseen occurance. However, there are some cases where gap insurance will do you no good.

  • For example, if you place a substantial downpayment, say 25%, on the new car and then take out a loan much less than the value, you have already taken care of most of the depreciation for the payment duration.
  • Another example is making a smaller downpayment of around 10% and a shorter loan term of 24 months, then you will have reduced the gap to 0% within a year.

When looking into gap insurance it’s important to learn whether your existing insurance plan might already have a gap clause to protect you. This will save you the extra cost of gap protection.

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Gap Insurance Jim Moran and associates

Many car buyers still do not understand the benefits of gap insurance. Lots of them still believe that having a comprehensivecar insurance on their car is important. Yet the benefits of a gap insurance policy cannot be overemphasized. Any car bought through credit or finance plan is still liable to either an accident that will completely write off the car or it may get stolen and never be found.

Should such an unfortunate incident occur, the car buyer will be expected to continue paying the car loan until it it is fully paid, despite the fact they may never see the car or use it ever again.

If the car had a comprehensive insurance policy, the insurance will pay for the value of the car at the time of the accident. It is important to remember at this point that a car once purchased, loses value very fast, immediately its driven off the dealership.

So if a car cost about $20,000, it loses about 20 per cent of its value. The difference between what the car cost and what the insurance will pay will be the responsibility of the buyer.

This is where gap insurance comes in handy. Gap insurance will cover the cost between what the comprehensive cover will refund and what is owed in total. This amount can be quite substantial, sometimes up to $15000. Paying such amounts especially for a totaled car is not very easy. This shows whygap insurance is so important.

In the event that an accident happens and the car is totaled, the car buyer with gap insurance will simply walk away without having to pay a cent. Gap insurance pays no matter who is at fault.

A reliable provider of gap insurance in the US State of California is Jim Moran And Associates. This insurance services provider has two main gap insurance products. The first is the Gap Protection Plan. In this plan, if the car is written off, any debt still owing on the car will be written of by the dealer as this insurance plan will compensate the dealer. All that the car owner will need to pay is the insurance deductible.

The GAP Plus Protection is similar to the Gap Protection Plan, only that this type of gap insurance cover also covers all other out-of-pocket expenses such as the insurance deductibles and others, up to a maximum of $1000. This ensures that the borrower walks away from an accident with no bills to pay and can begin the entire process of purchasing a car once again.

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